Apollo’s legacy: Bring us home

Composition for game and film

Apollo’s legacy: Bring us home

18 April 2019 Games 0

Original soundtrack for applied game Apollo’s Legacy: Bring us Home. The project started during the HKU international applied game jam in February 2019, with Sustainability as it’s main theme, and was polished over the following 8 weeks.

The game is set in a future where the resources on earth have run dry, and the moon is colonized for the gas Helium-3. The player is a social worker on the moon and, through helping NPC’s get back to their homes, keeps unlocking more of the narrative.

For this project I wanted to emphasize on the vastness and loneliness one might feel on the moon, through the use of long, outstretched synthesizer drones. The end result is a hybrid synthesizer-orchestral soundtrack with various strong and recognizable musical themes to keep the player interested. The music in the colonial cities offers a stark contrast to the ambient overworld, through the use of percussion and higher note density in the arrangements.

Title Theme
Lunar Strolls
Dark side of the Moon
City of Flowers
Lunar Metropolis
City in darkness
Final Mission
Simulation Room

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