Author: Maaikemoens

Composition for game and film


Mythic: An Interactive Narrative Innards! The Traveller Orchestral Etude in Dm

8 May 2022 0


Innards is a game set in an abstracted version of the human body. With a focus on exploration and tower defense, the player can gather innards to fight deadly viruses and bacteria.

1 February 2021 0

Scriptures of the Underground

A stealth platformer based off the Greek underworld. Trailer:

1 February 2021 0

Demo Reel

21 March 2020 0


Piece for string quartet, performed by the Keuris Ensemble in February 2020.

20 March 2020 0

The Call of the Ocean

Written for Reed Quintet, as part of the Calefax composer’s competition in December 2019.

20 March 2020 0

Abalone: Sounds of the Deep

In this short VR experience you go underwater as a marine biologist. Your goal is to catalogue the speech of the newly discovered Mojili, a group of small creatures that live on the bottom of the ocean. Their speech patterns are refined and you can communicate with them by playing recordings of their speech back…
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20 March 2020 0

Light line

This story driven game is about the wonders being a fish in the deep sea. You play as a flat fish, a creature swimming near the sea bottom, as you swim through caves following a mysterious light. Get the game: For this project I composed the in-game and title soundtrack.

20 March 2020 0


TeTrash was made during the Global Applied Game Jam in 2019 in Pohang, South Korea. The Game Jam’s theme was Food for possible futures, and TeTrash focused on the problem of food waste, using a 3D interpretation of the famous Tetris layout. For this project, I worked on sound design and music, as well as…
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20 March 2020 0


Keyquest is a co-op game where the players must communicate to pass obstacles and solve puzzles. Follows the narrative of Pancake the cat and Gloom the firefly as they journey together to find their owner and find out about the mysterious key they both posses. Music and sound design by Maaike Moens

7 July 2019 0